[hyper scape switch]Will there be a Hyper Scape Nintendo Switch release?

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  Robert N. AdamsWednesday, July 08, 2020 Hyper Scape Nintendo Switch release sword

  Will there be a Hyper Scape Nintendo Switch releaseFans of the new?Ubisoft Battle Royale game?have been enjoying the technical test on PC ever since its launch, but not everyone has a gaming PC. Will you be able to play?Hyper Scape on the Nintendo Switch?

  If you haven’t checked out?Hyper Scape just yet, you’re missing out on a pretty cool Battle Royale game. Ubisoft surprise-launched the title with a system similar to?Valorant’s beta by awarding technical test keys through Twitch Drops. Since then, a fair few people have started playing, especially some of the more notable Twitch streamers out there.

  As?Hyper Scape is in the “technical test” stage, it hasn’t hit consoles quite yet. A PS4 and Xbox One version is on the way (although the PS4 and Xbox One release date is a little ways off), but will there be a?Hyper Scape Nintendo Switch release?

  Hyper Scape Nintendo Switch release running

  And now we get to the big question: will there be a?Hyper Scape Nintendo Switch release? The short answer is “not yet,” but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen.

  Let’s start with comparing it to its contemporaries: other popular Battle Royale games — most notably?Fortnite — are perfectly playable on the Nintendo Switch and have a healthy community on that platform. Battle Royales?can work on the Nintendo Switch.

  There’s also the question of processing power. Some newer games have a hard time on the Nintendo Switch, but companies like CD Projekt Red have managed to make these games work on a less powerful console. The?Hyper Scape system requirements aren’t too hefty, so that means that a Nintendo Switch version is probably doable.

  That said, Ubisoft has yet to make an announcement about a?Hyper Scape Nintendo Switch release. It’d be kind of nuts for them not to make one at some point, but we won’t know for sure until they say something about it.

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