[Sakura Rem]sakura cherry blossom hood,When the rice is raised, the cigarette is really small.

release time: 2021-06-28 01:21:53

  Cooking a meal at home will always produce a large number of fumes,The speculation of a vegetable kitchen is just like being throwing a smoke bomb.After the meal is done,The face is full of oil,Oil in the forehead can reflect.Time will also affect your family’s skin and respiratory health!


  For the skin and health,So I will change the hood of the hood in the home into the Sakura cherry blossom hood J520.Even if two stoves are fired at the same time,It does not have a case where it will don’t have sports.The fire is not under the words,Tobacco effect MAX +, The wall next to the stove will not be smoked.


  What is even more satisfied is thatSakura Sakura Freservation J520 Shape Design In addition to beautiful,It is also very convenient to clean,There is no problem that the old-fashioned hood encountered during cleaning.Just use the rag to gently rub the stains, no,Not too convenient ~


  And personal feelings for the kitchen home appliances or buy big names and more peace of mind,Don’t be greedy, cheap,After all, it is still reason to make a penny!Recently, there are suggestions for changing the oil hoods. You go to the next store to experience it.Feel absolutely different!


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