[PS4 Cyber Shadow]Terranaron: Master Collection Deluxe Edition Information Public PS4 / XBOX Pre-order

release time: 2021-06-26 15:28:40

  Glorious Takhoma officially opened today (March 18), “Ninja Dragon Sword: Master Collection” digital luxury version of the Duxury,At the same time, the pre-order of the PS4 / Xbox digital version is turned on.Steam is expected to be in late April,Eshop officially open pre-order in May.The work will be launched simultaneously on platforms such as PS4, Switch, Xbox One and Steam on June 10.

  ※ PS4 Pro / PS5 / X1 Series X, Series S and Steam versions will support 4K resolution / 60 frame experience under hardware meetings.But in a specific situation in the game, floating may occur.


  ”Ninja Long Jian Chuan: Master Collection” Digital Deluxe Edition contains game body, digital album and digital version of the original sound band music.This version of the album published more than 70 pages of Ninja Longjian spread art content,The active sound band contains more than 180 series of music.Whether it is a series of loyal fans or newly added players, they can enjoy the world of Dragon Sword by digital luxury version.





  PS4 version

  Standard version pricing 307 Hong Kong dollars; Deluxe Version Price 411 HKD (Deluxe Edition contains set diagrams and illustrations,And Digital Digital & Original Voice Rail)

  Pre-purchase specialty:

  NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection Special Topics & Avatar


  ?NINJA GAIDEN MASTER Collection Pre-Order Special Avio

  ?NINJA GAIDEN MASTER Collection Pre-Order Special Avoid

  ?NINJA GAIDEN MASTER Collection Pre-Order Special Available

  ?NINJA GAIDEN MASTER Collection Pre-Order Special Avatar Red Leaves

  ?NINJA GAIDEN MASTER Collection Pre-Order Special Ax

  XBox version

  Standard Edition priced 307 Hong Kong dollar; Deluxe Edition Pricing 369.9 Hong Kong dollars (Deluxe Edition contains the set diagram and illustration of the series of generations,And Digital Digital & Original Voice Rail)


  Enjoy the fun of “Ninja Gaiden” series 3 in one game.

  Expand the long-lasting high-speed refreshing action.

  Please enjoy the pleasure of fighting with all the enemies.

  In addition to “Dragon”There are still 4 female characters “”, “Ruiqiu”, “Red Leaves”, “Xia” can operate.

  Set your favorite role to your partner,Switch the fun of the role to experience the fun of the battle.

  ※ The heroine debut is the same as the original version.In addition,Operable roles and scenarios (modes) are different from each work.

  The downloads of game models and clothing have been launched by all works are also in this one.

  Provide a multi-set of dragon and a large number of women’s characters.Enjoy the action battle with a favorite shape.


  ■ Collect the game

  Ninja Gaiden σ (Ninja Dragon Sword Sigma)

  Ninja Gaiden σ2 (Ninja Dragon Sword Sigma 2)

  Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (Ninja Dragon Sword 3: Blade Edge)

  ※ This does not contain “online collaboration” of “Tag Missions” in NINJA GAIDEN σ2.

  ※ This does not include any “CLAN Battle” of “Shadow of the World” in NINJA GAIDEN 3 Razer’s Edge.In addition,None contains “online collaboration” of “Ninja Trials”.









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