[GUILTY GEAR STRIVE]Japanese version of the derailed diary Guilty this love is guilty?Xinchuan You love honey candidate

release time: 2021-06-26 14:59:25

  Adapt from comics “guilty this love love?”The same name drama,Become the theme of all the love of all the people,In addition to the fierce love and hate entanglement, it is very popular.The appearance of the new generation actress of the Positive Palace, the new generation actress, the appearance of the appearance of the new generation, the appearance of the appearance of the appearance,Who is this actress?What is the picture of her?Let us look down together!


  The 26-year-old female actor Xinchuan, the second grade of the primary school, the actor as an actor as an actor.The representative includes “Spicy Teacher GTO”, “35-year-old high school students”, etc.In addition to having excellent acting performance,She is full of harmful honey,And good body,Therefore, it is a magazine model.Launch a photo!


  Are you also given a powder powder by Xinchuan’s favorite honey?

  The following will analyze her makeup,Hurry and learn!

  # 半雾 光 妆 _Cook skin


  New Sichuan favorite makeup, most of the semi-fogging effect is mainlyThe slight shiny is vague from the face,Such makeup effectively imitates the feeling of natural skin!Want to create a half-foggy,Confirm that your skin is belong to which one,If it is oily skin,The makeup can directly use the fog flour base,With some sustained oil,The makeup can immediately present a half-foggy effect; if you are skin, you can pick the half-fog powder base.And with the nose, the humerus position can create a beautiful light transmissive effect!



  # 眼下 红 _ 到 心坎


  In addition to using half-foggy, it creates a good skin effect.Xinchuan fondo also likes to use blush to increase your face.Not only such blush position will also be particularly placed in place,The overall makeup looks like it is really shy and red atmosphere.And the blush brushs,Visual age is super small!


  Learn how to create a moon,Here you will recommend 3 frost-like, the blush of liquid texture is given to everyone.In addition to the color of the color, it is naturally not awkward.It is not easy to lose hands than powder blush.Try to pick up a color that is suitable for yourself from below!

  Nars – Hyun Color Blush #orgasm

  Nars’s blush is also quite flaming,Liquid body can make makeup costumes,High saturated color,I can make a makeup!And in the series of #orgasm seems ordinary pink,But because of a touch of pearl color,Let you go on the cheek,It can also create water-lifting feelings in the way.Want to brighten, blush once,Elect this right is right!


  M · A · C – Color Dairy Blush #grand

  This blush is quite special,Soft Qi silk is frozen to create a soft and delicate blush.In addition, the cream-like texture has a high moisturizing effect.Not only can blush in the skin, not only on the skin,Doing makes up simultaneously, halo is not brought,Make a makeup for 8 hours without removing makeup!And the entire series of #grand color numbers have a little brown,Not only makeup nature,Any skin use is super suitable.


  Addiction-muscle tone color honey # 11

  How can liquid blush not mention the Addiction muscle white cheeks,The texture is like water,Use a small amount of to the cheek,After the reflux light shot, it is uniform.Overall makeup can create ruddy feelings from the inside out!And the whole series of # 11 can most created natural face red makeup,Powder, tone,Wheat muscles can also be easy to control!


  Xinchuan fondo is fresh and beautiful.If you don’t reveal her real age,Are you mistaken to think she is only 18?I want to have this honey value,Hurry and learn the above makeup!

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