[Hitman 3 PlayStation 4]Sony plans to stop using the community function of PlayStation 4 before April

release time: 2021-06-25 15:59:26

  With more attention to PS5,Sony is gradually reducing some of its PlayStation4 game hosts.

  Sony has recently notified the registered user of PS4 via email.Planning a community function using PlayStation before April 2021.The PlayStation Community provides a platform for game enthusiasts and fans to discuss related interests.


  Before the PS5 is released,As early as March 2020,Sony has stopped the PlayStation community application on the PlayStation Store,And gradually limits its functions.

  Before the community function is about to close,Earlier this month,The PlayStation Store also stops rental and movies to buy,Suitable for all current versions of game hosts: PS4, PS4 PRO, and PS5.

  Sony is fully adjusted in the functionality of the PlayStation Store,Listed some reasons behind the cancellation of community functionality.The company said thatSince its various game hosts are based on subscription and advertising entertainment services,This feature is no longer needed.

  Sony also informs its users,These changes will not take effect on August 31 this year.Users can still access their purchased movies and TV content through the PlayStation Store.

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