[get paid to do tasks]Brits pay over £1k for help with odd jobs due to lockdown lethargy

release time: 2021-08-06 17:06:54

  But for others these simple tasks have become part of a range of odd jobs UK homeowners have admitted they prefer to pay professionals to do.

  In fact a survey by BiGDUG found Brits have spent at least £1,000 on average paying people to do these odd jobs around the house.

  In the study of 2,000 homeowners it was found almost three quarters (73%) had called on a business or tradesperson to carry on this job after they put off doing them themselves during lockdonws.

  According to the survey, men hire?a handyperson more often than women, with?12 call outs per year on average, compared to eight, respectively.

  At £126.56 per call out, men pay?at least?£1,518.72 per year – or?39% more?than the £992.96 total paid by women.

  The average household admitted to putting off over four?home or garden-related tasks during lockdowns?in?the past year, with?11% even revealing they?dragged their feet with up?to?nine jobs.

  Gardening was the?task?most people procrastinated over?(39%) followed by painting (36%) and cleaning the oven (31%).

  However, there were a whole mix of different?jobs which?proved to be a burden?for some people, resulting in many calling in a professional to do it for them.

  They were:




  Repairing fences

  Fixing broken?furniture?/?appliances

  Cleaning the oven

  Changing a doorknob

  Changing the shower head

  Bleeding radiator

  Changing a lightbulb

  Among those who have been using professionals to do their odd jobs, over a third (36%)?blamed?a?lack of motivation,?and?31%?said?they?were?so?fed up?with?lockdown they simply ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to do any fun activities, let alone?household chores.

  Other key reasons included being too lazy and?procrastinating?(26%), whilst?one in five (21%)?said they didn’t have the confidence to do the jobs themselves.?One in ten (11%)?also?‘forgot’.

  Polly?Maclennan,?public relations manager?at?BiGDUG,?said:?“We’re all guilty of putting off household jobs no matter how big or small they are.

  “Whether it’s because we want to spend the extra time relaxing or just simply can’t be bothered, it’s easy to have someone come in and help,?and most important of all, do it correctly.

  “If you’re planning?work in your house or garden, whether it’s decluttering,?changing a lightbulb?or?upcycling a piece of furniture, BiGDUG has a whole range of helpful?storage solutions and work benches to aid your projects.”