[Deus Ex]Summer Sale on Steam: the best games for less than 1 euro

release time: 2021-07-21 21:22:01

  The Summer Sales have already started in Steam, with great discounts on hundreds of games, among which we have offered you a selection of role-playing titles, to enjoy in virtual reality or for less than 5 euros. Now we go even lower and choose more than 10 games that you can have even for less money, costing just a penny to add them to your library on the Valve platform.

  In this way, we can find discounted more than interesting titles in all genres, such as the Korean MMO Black Desert, the cooperative action of PayDay 2, or the terror of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Without leaving survival horror, we also have to recommend Cold Fear, a game from the 128-bit era that went unnoticed by the greats of the genre, but also of unquestionable quality. There is also room for other great classics such as Deus Ex in its most complete edition, and of course, good indies as they can be Geometry Dash O Downwell.

  Special mention to the saga Tomb Raider, which will delight adventure fans with many of its classic installments reduced to the extreme. Let’s see all these great deals:

  Black Desert for  0 ‘,  99 (90% off)

  Payday 2 for  0.99 (90% off)

  Resident Evil Revelations 2 for 0.77  (87% discount)

  Geometry Dash for  0.99 (75% off)

  Deus Ex GOTY Edition for 0.97  (86% off)

  Tomb Raider Anniversary for 0.98  (89% off)

  Tomb Raider Underworld for 0.98  (89% off)

  Tomb Raider: Legend for 0.97  (86% off)

  Tomb Raider for 0.97  (86% off)

  Tomb Raider II for 0.97  (86% off)

  Tomb Raider III for 0.97  (86% off)

  Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation for 0.97  (86% off)

  Downwell for 0.98  (67% off)

  The First Tree for  0.99 (90% off)

  Cold Fear for  0.99 (80% discount)


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