[wasteland reddit]Here’s What Fans Think Would Have Made AHS: Apocalypse Better

release time: 2021-07-21 21:17:56

  Fans’ biggest gripes with “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” centered largely on Cody Fern’s Michael, and a perceived waste of his potential as the greatest and most powerful force for evil in the world. One user, u/LitBit_618, posited that the story would have landed better if the showrunners “didn’t just end Michael by running him over. I mean, come on…he’s the Antichrist! Give him a little bit of power even though he was still practically a baby. Sheesh.” Sheesh indeed.?

  Another contributor lamented the fact that viewers never got to see a showdown between Michael and Billie Lourd’s Mallory, vehicular homicide notwithstanding. “I really liked the fan theory that Mallory was actually an angel and not a witch,” wrote u/13senilefelines31, expanding on the frustration. “She could have been powerful enough to take on Michael without having to resort to a time traveling plot device. Mallory running him over with an SUV was so anticlimactic!”

  One constant bother seemed to be the way that the show skimped on its apocalyptic setting. “I would have liked it to stay in the world of the apocalypse for longer. Let the outpost get attacked by the outside world. Then have the witches save the day,” stated u/baconwrappedreddit. There’s plenty more “AHS” on the way, thanks to a tenth season and a spinoff, so the potential for witches using nukes isn’t out of the question.